Step 1 - Online Head Shape Assessment

The first step in reviewing your infant's head shape is to take a look at the head from a bird's-eye view.

To do this, please place your baby on someone's lap so that you can stand higher above the baby's head. As you look down at your baby's head, here are some of the things you may be seeing. Please note that your baby might have varying degrees of any of these shapes.

Head Shape
Head Shape
Head Shape
Head Shape
  • Normal head
    shape is 1/3
    longer than
    it is wide
  • Head is flat on one side
  • Overall head shape resembles a parallelogram


  • Head is wider than its length
  • Back of head is flat in appearance instead of curved
  • Head is long and narrow


Now let's look at the head shape from another angle.

Please note that these steps do not take the place of an official evaluation by a licensed medical professional.


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