Facing Plagiocephaly Later in Life

Unfortunately, some families do not have access to treatment or were not aware of plagiocephaly when their children were within the treatment age range. We receive a regular amount of e-mails from parents and adults inquiring about any treatment options possible and it is heartbreaking to hear their stories.


"I am an adult male in my late 30s. I have been searching on the Internet for any treatments for adults with 'flat head syndrome.' I know this matter should be taken care of when still a baby because the skull is still soft. I was wondering if there has been any case of adults doing this treatment and if it would work? I would much appreciate if you could get back to me."
-received June 2009


"At what age is it too late to use this treatment for correction? My grandson is 5 years old. My daughter was told by his pediatrician that his head would shape correctly by the time he turned 2 years old. That did not happen." 
-received December 2006


"I have a 3 year old son with plagiocephaly. Although I believe he is a little old to be treated with a cranial helmet effectively, I was hoping that you might consider making one for us to see if any improvement at all can be gained. In my situation, I do not believe it would be unethical to at least try anything that might help. I am willing to travel anywhere to a clinic and pay whatever it takes to try anything that may help him. Please help us."
-received June 2008


"Thank you for the work that you are doing to correct this life changing condition. When I viewed the pictures on this site, I could only think 'Thank God for the people doing this work.' I only wish it was available for me back when I was a kid. You are improving lives much more than you can imagine. Having been teased and ridiculed my entire life, I can attest to that. Keep up the good work."
-received January 2007


"My son turned 6 years old this past September. He has a significant area on the back of his head that is flat. My pediatrician said not to worry, that it will change as he grows. Well now years later we are still in the same predicament. I was wondering if there can be anything done for a child his age to help correct his flat head syndrome."
-received January 2006


"Your reshaping helmet works wonders on young infants. Its effectiveness is truly amazing. But the problem concerning me is that my daughter, who is now 13 years old, complains endlessly about her head shape. The back of her head is really flat. Because of this, she claims that she cannot wear certain hairstyles and blames it on us for making her head so flat. I searched many places for a solution. But all of them only cure baby's flat head syndrome but not that of anyone who is over 2 years old. I will be glad to learn information from experts like you about how to treat my daughter's flat head syndrome. Any amount of help is greatly appreciated. Thank You. This would really help both my daughter and I immensely."
-received December 2007


"My son is 3 years old, and he has a very extended front head. We went to a doctor and they decided to operate on him immediately, but I didn’t accept. I saw the DOC Band in a magazine and that's why I’m writing. Can I send pictures from my son? He is a normal child and does everything that a healthy child does. I'm from Angola, and the nearest location for me is Spain because of the language, too. Can you please see my baby and help me?"
-received November 2008






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