What is the DOC Band®?

The DOC Band, a 6-ounce device, consists of an outer plastic shell with a foam lining. Each DOC Band is different and made specifically for each child by the experienced Cranial Technologies manufacturing team in Tempe, Ariz. We only use high-quality materials to ensure that it does not cause irritation. The light weight of the DOC Band is important because it doesn’t interfere with a child’s balance or daily activities.

The DOC Band works by applying mild holding pressures and capturing the growth of an infant's head. This method directs growth to the flat regions and discourages it in the prominent areas. It is important to know that the DOC Band does not cause pain to the child. Adjustments are made to the band weekly or biweekly by an experienced clinician. The length of treatment depends on the age of the infant and severity of the condition.

Each band will be different depending on the child and the primary head deformities they exhibit (plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly).

How does the DOC Band work?

Basically, the DOC Band helps reshape your baby’s head by capturing their brain growth. To capture the growth, the DOC Band applies mild holding pressures to the areas of prominence (such as a high forehead, bumps above the ears, bulging on one side of the head, etc.) and encourages growth in the flattened areas of your child’s head (see photos).

This active approach to treating plagiocephaly is different from passive devices that are designed to wait for your baby’s head to grow into a symmetrical shell.

When you first see your baby’s customized DOC Band, you will notice where extra room has been left for growth. These are the places that the DOC Band will help “fill out” the shape of your baby’s head. This redirection of growth begins as soon as treatment starts, allowing you to see correction after only the first week.

Other DOC Band facts:

  • First cranial orthotic device to be FDA cleared in 1998
  • Only device with clinical studies proving its safety and efficacy (For research studies)
  • Only product available with clinical studies showing skull base change
  • First device FDA cleared for post-surgical use



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