Why Choose CranialTech?

CranialTech knows this is a big decision. We invite you to read more about why we are the leaders in plagiocephaly treatment, why the DOC Band® is a superior product and how as our sole focus, every step from start to finish, is held to the highest standards.

DOC Band® Comparison

We know that you are trying to make a critical decision for your child and their future. With other products available, we are regularly asked what makes us different. Here are some of the highlights that set Cranial Technologies and the DOC Band apart.

How to choose a provider

Plagiocephaly treatmentChoosing to treat your child’s plagiocephaly, scaphocephaly or brachycephaly is a critical decision on its own. While looking at options and treatment processes available to you, the last thing you want is to find out you didn’t choose the best provider available. It is important to remember that the quality of treatment varies from provider to provider and poor treatment can actually do more harm by causing the head shape to worsen and waste valuable growth time.

Asking the right questions is critical in selecting the best treatment for your child. If you are someone lucky enough to have a CranialTech clinic near you, rest-assured that the following checklist can be easily and thoroughly answered by anyone at our clinics. We are the only company in the world dedicated completely to the research, diagnosis and treatment of plagiocephaly—it's all we do!

CranialTech FAQs

Learn more about how CranialTech is the leading provider of plagiocephaly treatment.

Meet DOC Band® Families

Our best spokespeople are the families that choose CranialTech for their child's plagiocephaly treatment. Take a few moments to read their stories.


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