Something as simple as sleeping on the back can cause brachycephaly. The head flattens uniformly, causing a wider and shorter shape.

Increased head height is also common in children with brachycephaly.

What does Brachycephaly look like?

Here are examples of some of the varying degrees of brachycephaly.

Head Shape




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Treating Brachycephaly

Explore the CranialTech treatment path.

Why Treat Brachycephaly?

Your child's treatment can be done at an early age before they'll even remember it. However, we know that your family's decision is often more complicated and includes many other factors to make this decision. We hope that we can provide information to help you address some of those concerns.

Brachycephaly Treatment Results

CranialTech documents treatment results for each child who uses the DOC Band. This allows everyone involved to see the treatment results achieved and proves the efficacy of the DOC Band.

Brachycephaly Quick Facts

Here's a brief look at brachycephaly:

  • Head is wider than normal
  • Head has shorter length than width
  • Back of head is flat
  • Head is taller than normal
  • Extreme forehead incline
  • Bumps/bulging above ears
  • Face appears small in proportion to head

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