Should you wait to see if your baby’s head will round out?

Repositioning can be effective for children less than 4 months old. However, due to the dramatic increase in the severity of head shapes, our research hasn’t shown self-correction. The best rule of thumb is to remember that it took an external force to cause the deformity, so it will take an external force to correct it. Once the baby is sitting up and moving about, the skull is continuing to harden and there aren’t any external forces that will direct the growth of the head into a symmetrical shape.

When making the decision to treat, it’s often helpful for parents to ask themselves, “Will I be happy with my child’s head shape and facial features if facial asymmetry is present, when my child is 5 years old? 10 years old? 20 years old? 30 years old?”

Adults and parents of older children often contact us to find out if cranial helmets are available for them. Unfortunately, the skull is finished growing by the time a person is 2 years old, and a helmet won’t fix a misshapen head.

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