Does a DOC Band Impact a Baby’s Daily Routine?

Fitting for DOC Band
A great fit ensures minimal discomfort.

Fit, Movement and Comfort – the DOC Band

For most babies, the DOC band does not affect their daily routine at all.  Each band is designed and manufactured specifically to fit each child. Most babies move through their daily activities without any disruptions from the band.  This includes sleeping, eating, rolling, crawling, and all other developmental milestones.

Babies playing
Babies can move through their day without any disruption.

Parents are instructed on how to monitor their babies’ skin during the first couple days of wear to allow the skin a chance to get used to band wear and there is not discomfort or sense of the band feeling “tight” on the baby’s head. Should parents notice any red spots, they should remove the band and not put it back on until the red spots have gone away at which time the band should be put back on.