Navigating Insurance

Following your baby’s evaluation, your clinician will let you know if your baby is recommended for DOC Band treatment. At this point, our patient liaison staff will help you navigate the insurance process and cost information.

Determining Insurance Coverage

Although Cranial Technologies does have contracts with many major insurance providers, coverage varies depending on each patient’s specific plan. Even if we are not contracted with your insurance provider, some coverage may still be available. We will contact your insurance to determine network status, coverage, and the required process prior to reviewing the information with you.  Cranial Technologies will work with you to collect and submit any documentation and necessary information that may be required by your insurance.

Pre-Service Reviews

In some cases, a pre-service review must be obtained before treatment can begin. The pre-service review process usually takes 2–3 weeks. In order to begin, Cranial Technologies will work with your child’s healthcare provider to obtain a prescription for treatment and any necessary documentation. If required, this information – along with our clinical evaluation and DSi® Analysis Report – will be sent to your insurance company for review. Once the insurance review is complete, treatment can begin.