Licensed DOC Band® Treatment Centers

Everyone wants a DOC Band! Unfortunately, they can’t be everywhere. If you are not receiving treatment at one of our Cranial Technologies facilities, or one of these three licensed clinics, you do not have a DOC Band.

We only work with these limited licensed locations to treat with the DOC Band outside of Cranial Technologies clinics. We do not license our product otherwise, Cranial Technologies wants to know they are offering consistent clinical care and excellent customer service. The way we can accomplish this is by hiring & training our own staff, and closely managing the clinical process. We want to give all our families the same positive DOC Experience®.



Dean Health Systems
Pediatric Cranioplasty Clinic
1821 S. Stoughton Rd.
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: (608) 260-6555
Toll Free Phone: (844) 447-5894


Centre Medic Augusta
Via Augusta 134-136
08006 – Barcelona 
Phone: (0034) 932004645

Castellar Del Vallés
Cal Metge
Carrer del Centre 31
08211 – Castellar Vallés
Phone: (0034) 937148613


Clinique du Parc Saint Lazare
1-3 rue Jean Rostand
60000-Beauvais (Paris)
Téléphone: (0033) 0661480924

Centre CranioDoc Lyon
Immeuble Les Bégonias
2 Rue de la Valencize
Téléphone: (0033) 0677142222

CranioDoc Paris-Ile de France
2 boulevard Roy
93320 Les Pavillons Sous Bois, Paris
Téléphone: (0033) 0615489420


Hospital Ordem Terceira de São Francisco
Rua da Bolsa 87
Telefone: (351) 222062130

To find a location (company-owned or licensed) close to you that treats with the DOC Band, please click here.