Navigating Insurance

Meet the Team

Patient Liaison

Staffed in our corporate offices, our patient liaisons are specifically trained to guide you through the insurance process. Following your baby’s evaluation your clinician will let you know if your baby is recommended for DOC Band treatment; at this point our patient liaison staff will work with you and your pediatrician to obtain appropriate authorizations for your insurance company. Although Cranial Tech does have contracts with many major insurance providers, coverage varies depending on each patient’s specific plan. Even if we are not specifically contracted with your insurance provider, some coverage may still be available.

Determining Insurance Coverage

Typically, in order to determine coverage, the insurance company will require documentation that repositioning techniques were performed ahead of seeking evaluation for DOC Band treatment. Additional information, such as specific measurements and clinical photographs from the DSi Imaging Analysis Report may also be required. Cranial Tech will work with you to collect all the necessary information required for insurance purposes.

Prior Authorization

In some cases, a prior authorization must be obtained before treatment can begin. The prior authorization process usually takes 2–3 weeks. In order to begin a prior authorization, Cranial Tech will work with your physician to obtain a letter of medical necessity and a prescription for treatment. This information is sent to your insurance company for review. Once the process is complete, treatment can begin.

Insurance Appeals

If your insurance denies coverage, please call your patient liaison to discuss possible options that you may have to appeal the decision.


In the instance you do not have insurance coverage, assistance using CareCredit is available. CareCredit is a company that works with families to manage health care costs, they handle Cranial Tech’s extended payment plans and offer a no-interest healthcare line of credit. For more information, click here.