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If you’re considering whether or not to move forward with DOC Band® treatment, perhaps the most valuable resource we can connect you with are other parents who have already gone through the process. On this page you’ll find testimonials, videos, blog posts and more from parents who share their DOC Band experience in their own words.

What are other parents saying about their DOC Band experience?

“I know you’re debating whether or not this is worth it. Not seeing your kid’s head for 3 months, the cost and getting head-butted with the band are all challenging. But when you see your child’s round, beautiful head after treatment, your doubts will vanish. There’s a limited window in which to get this completed, and it’s worth that investment.” – Micah P.

“The Dallas staff at Cranial Technologies helped lift my spirits, assuring me it was common and not to worry when my son needed a DOC Band. My weekly/biweekly visits were enjoyable and I loved how very personable they were. We had a great experience.  I would recommend this center to anyone. In 10 weeks my daughter’s treatment was done with much success” – Y. H.

“We were so nervous about how our son would be in a DOC Band. But that disappeared after visiting the Scarsdale office. After 5 months of treatment his head looks beautiful! The friendly staff always made us feel so comfortable and I’m so grateful for my son’s marked improvement. Thank you!” – Mary M.

“My daughter started her DOC Band journey at Cranial Technologies when she was 4 months old. She wore her band for 8 weeks and the results are amazing! I am so grateful to Cranial Technologies for their kindness and knowledge when taking care of my daughter. The DOC Band truly made a significant difference in the shape of our baby girl’s head!” – Annie B.

“Our son started with severe flattening on his head.  His end results were amazing. We are very pleased to have made the decision to move forward with treatment for him and would recommend it for any other child who is suffering from the same problem. Cranial Technologies provided excellent guidance. The staff was friendly, honest and accommodating.” – Ann Marie D.

“The center was extraordinarily accommodating. We juggled between the Lombard and Skokie locations, as it was half on me and half on my mom to bring him in for his appointments. They are very “nervous mom” and baby friendly, they understand the need to breast feed and allow you the privacy to do that. We could not be happier with our experience or the result.” – Sharon V

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