DOC Band Stories

Often parents ask, “what will happen if we don’t choose helmet treatment”, there are studies/papers that talk about potential risk factors that may be present later in life if moderate to severe plagiocephaly isn’t treated. Your decision to treat has to come from you, but what we can share is what happens to those families who do choose treatment.

Listen to what our DOC Band families have to say, if you would like to share your family’s story? Send it to us, along with pictures with a resolution of four megapixels or higher (72 dpi at 8 x 10), to or visit our Facebook page.



DOC Band Treament photos Hanna


When Hannah was treated with the DOC Band our biggest concern was how the band would affect her. Would it be uncomfortable?  Would she be able to sleep with it on?  Would it be hot?  After only a few hours in the band, all my fears went away.  She didn’t even notice it was there. We were so happy she began treatment at 5 months and in the band for only 7 weeks; the correction she got was amazing!  Just 3 short years later, she’s a spirited four year old with a “perfect” head shape, and goes by the name of Wonder Woman!!




Another plagiocephaly DOC Band treament success


When we first started DOC Band treatment, my husband wasn’t completely on board.  Treatment time was quick though, only 8 weeks. It flew by, and my son never had any issues with the band. In fact, he was wearing it while he was learning to crawl and pull himself up, so we were thankful for the extra protection during this time! Once we saw the before and after pictures, my husband realized that he really did need it. He had a great outcome! We won’t have any issues finding protective helmets that fit as he grows up now!




Post DocBand treatment, beautiful head


As I flipped my DOC Band calendar to September with excitement of our Kade being featured, I couldn’t help but feel so thankful for CranialTech and the DOC Band! Today Kade is an adorable funny, amazing 2- year old with such a beautiful head because of you! Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and continue to do for others.







Meet Jordan


 It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 months since Jordan graduated from his DOC Band. Now he’s almost 2 and has the most perfect little noggin!





2013 DOC Band Graduate


Since graduating back in 2013, this DOC Band graduate has been busy finding new hats to wear. Thanks to DOC Band mom, Amanda, for sharing! 








We took Shelby to a doctor in Houston and he diagnosed her with plagiocephaly and told us that she would need a helmet. We decided to take her to Cranial Tech in Dallas. 14 years ago, we didn’t have many choices. We drove to Dallas every week for 9 months, and to Houston every other week. It was scary at the time. I was praying every night I had made the right decision for her. Well I DID!! She is now 15 and a 3rd year level 10 gymnast. Basically Incredible. She is very smart and so loving and caring. DOC Band babies are amazing and keep flying high, little ones!!!






At her 3 month check-up my daughter Julia’s pediatrician suggested we take her to see a pediatric plastic surgeon. The doctor diagnosed her with right coronal craniosynostosis and told us she would need surgery. I cried for two days straight. She had surgery on 4/16/2009. About two weeks after her surgery her plastic surgeon recommended she wear a cranial band. We were worried about paying for it. My husband had just been laid off and we weren’t sure our health insurance would cover it. Cranial Technologies was great. They helped us with everything from the financials, to fitting her helmet to calming her when she was upset. They were very organized and on top of the process. Julia is now 6 years old and no one knows she ever had anything done.