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CCPA Privacy Notice for California Consumers

Report a known or suspected privacy or data breach by phone at 1-866-403-6361 or by email at To report anonymously, contact our Compliance Hotline at 833-700-0027.
Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
This notice describes how a patient’s medical information may be used and disclosed and how to get access to this information.

Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information

Treatment: Your health information may be used by Cranial Technologies, Inc. staff members or disclosed to other health care professionals for the purpose of evaluating your health, diagnosing medical conditions, and providing treatment. For example, results of laboratory tests and procedures will be available in your medical record to all health professionals who may provide treatment or who may be consulted by staff members.

Payment: Your health information may be used to seek payment from your health plan or from credit card companies you may use to pay for services. For example, your health plan may request and receive information on dates of service, the services provided, and the medical condition being treated.

Health Care Operation: Your health information may be used as necessary to support day-to-day activities and management of Cranial Technologies, Inc. For example, information on the services you received may be used to support budgeting and financial reporting, and activities to evaluate and promote quality.

Health  Oversight  Activities:   We  may  disclose  your  health  information to  a  health  oversight  agency  that  ensures  that  Cranial

Technologies is complying with the rules of government programs such as Medicaid.

Individuals Involved in Care or Payment for Care: We may use and disclose your health information in some situations where you have the opportunity to agree or object to certain uses and disclosures. For example, we may disclose your health information to a family member, friend or other person to the extent necessary to help with your health care.

Judicial and Administrative Proceedings:  We may disclose your health information in the course of a judicial or administrative proceeding if we receive a legal order or other lawful process requiring us to disclose your health information.

Law Enforcement: Your health information may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies to support government audits and inspections, to facilitate law-enforcement investigations, and to comply with government-mandated reporting.

Health and Safety:  We may disclose your health information if we reasonably believe that disclosure would prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to a person’s or the public’s health or safety. This applies to suspected victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Public Health Reporting: Your health information may be disclosed to public health agencies as required by law. For example, we are required to report certain communicable diseases to the State’s public health department.

Other Uses and Disclosures Require Your Authorization: Disclosure of your health information or its use for any purpose other than those listed above requires your written authorization. If you change your mind after authorizing a use or disclosure of your information you may submit a written revocation of the authorization. However, your decision to revoke the authorization will not affect or undo any use or disclosure of information that occurred before you notified us of your decision to revoke your authorization.

Additional Uses of Information: We may contact you to remind you of appointments and to provide you with information about treatment alternatives that you may find interesting or other health-related benefits and services that may be of interest to you.

Duties of Cranial Technologies, Inc.: We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your protected health information and to provide you with this notice of privacy practices. We are required to abide by the privacy policies and practices outlined in this notice. We are required to notify you, and the Department of Health and Human Services, if there is a breach of unsecured Protected Health Information.

Rights to Revise Privacy Practices: As permitted by law, we reserve the right to amend or modify our privacy policies and practices. These revisions in our policies and practices may be required by changes in federal or state laws and regulations. Upon request, we will provide you with the most recently revised notice on any office visit. The revised policies and practices will be applied to all protected health information we maintain.

Individual Rights

You have certain rights under the federal privacy standards. These include:

♦     The right to restrict disclosures to insurers if services are paid in full out of pocket.

♦     The right to request restrictions on the use and disclosure of your protected health information.

♦     The right to receive confidential communications concerning your medical condition and treatment by an alternate means or at alternative locations.

♦     The right to inspect and copy your protected health information.

♦     The right to amend or submit corrections to your protected health information.

♦     The right to receive an accounting of how and to whom your protected health information has been disclosed.

♦     The right to receive a printed copy of this notice.

♦     The right to receive an electronic copy of electronic health information.

Requests to Inspect Protected Health Information: You may generally inspect or copy the protected health information that we maintain. As permitted by federal regulation, we require that requests to inspect or copy protected health information be submitted in writing. You may obtain a form to request access to your records by contacting the Cranial Technologies’ Patient Coordinator. Your request will be reviewed and will generally be approved unless there are legal or medical reasons to deny the request.

Complaints: If you would like to submit a comment or complaint about our privacy practices, you may do so by sending a letter outlining your concerns to:

HIPAA Privacy Official
Cranial Technologies, Inc.
1395 West Auto Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284-1026

If you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, you should call the matter to our attention by sending a letter describing the cause of your concern to the same address, or contact us on our toll-free hotline 866-403-6361.  This information may be left anonymously if you chose.  You may also file written complaints with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Upon request, we will provide you with the address for the Secretary. You will not be penalized or otherwise retaliated against for filing a complaint.

Contact Person:

The name and address of the person you may contact for further information concerning our privacy practices is:

HIPAA Privacy Official
Cranial Technologies, Inc.
1405 West Auto Drive., Floor 2
Tempe, AZ 85284-1026

Effective Date:

This notice is effective on or after 09-01-2016

Web site privacy policy

This statement describes how your privacy as a user of our Web site is protected.

Cranial Technologies’ Web site Privacy Statement

(updated June 22, 2009)

Your privacy is important to Cranial Technologies Inc. We understand that health is a personal and private subject, and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our Web site.

Please remember that any information (including personal and medical information) that you reveal in a Cranial Technologies public forum (such as a bulletin board) is not protected by this Privacy Policy. Such postings will be seen by third parties not related to Cranial Technologies. What you’ve written could be used by others in ways we are unable to control or predict, including to contact you for unauthorized purposes.

Web site Visitors

Cranial Technologies Inc does not collect personal information from users browsing its Web site, except through specific feedback forms. Completion of these forms is optional. Users of Cranial Technologies’ Web site browse anonymously. Only aggregate data — such as the number of hits per page — are collected. Aggregate data are only used for internal purposes and do not provide any personally identifying information.

Use of Cookies

When you view our Web site we may store some information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a “cookie”. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your hard drive, not on our site. Cookies do not spy on you or otherwise invade your privacy, and they cannot invade your hard drive and steal information. Rather, they help you navigate a Web site as easily as possible. You have the option of setting your browser to reject cookies. However, doing this may hinder performance and negatively impact your experience on our site.

Other Web sites; Links

This Web site contains links to other Web sites. Cranial Technologies is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites. If you want to know the privacy policies of the other Web sites, please refer to the organization sponsoring that Web site.

If you have any questions regarding our Web site, please contact the webmaster at

Social Media Policy

This statement describes the Cranial Technologies’ Social Media policy.

Cranial Technologies’ Social Media Policy

(updated June 22, 2012)

Cranial Technologies’ Social Media Policy

At Cranial Technologies, we encourage the families of our patients to interact in our social media sites. Here, we provide parents of infants currently or formerly in the DOC Band® with a forum to share experiences, ask questions and communicate about any topic related to the DOC Band and plagiocephaly treatment.

As a company, we make reasonable efforts to monitor all of our social media channels to ensure that posted comments are appropriate. Our social media channels include:

Please remember that information contained on our website or the above social media sites should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of your physician. There may be variations in treatment that your physician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances. If you have questions regarding treatment of an infant currently in the DOC Band, clinicians at the center providing treatment should be contacted directly.

Please note that any material posted on our social media sites listed above will not be private. Please use caution when posting medical information on any Cranial Technologies social media sites and never disclose personal identifiable information. For more information on your privacy, please visit our “Privacy Policies” area of the website.

By interacting on our social media sites, you are responsible for the content you post and all activity that occurs under your account. You agree not to post content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory or threatening or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Cranial Technologies.

By posting content on any online channel owned by Cranial Technologies, you give Cranial Technologies a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual and worldwide license to use your content, including the right to copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat and incorporate into a collective work. Other participants on social media channels may use your posted content beyond the control of Cranial Technologies. CranialTech reserves the right to review, edit and/or delete any posting at its sole discretion. While Cranial Technologies makes reasonable efforts to monitor and moderate posted content, it does not moderate all comments and cannot always respond in a timely manner to online requests for information.

Please note that the opinions and views expressed by individuals on the social media sites listed above are not necessarily those of Cranial Technologies, its officers, employees or staff. Cranial Technologies is not responsible for the content of any link to other websites. Inclusion of the link on Cranial Technologies’ website or social media sites does not constitute an endorsement of those sites by CranialTech.

If you have any questions regarding our Web site, please contact the webmaster at