Your First Visit

What can I expect during my free evaluation?

At Cranial Technologies, we’re solely dedicated to the treatment of plagiocephaly and passionate about working closely with parents to ensure the best possible care for your baby. In offering a free evaluation, our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to decide what’s best for your baby. Call us to schedule a free evaluation at any one of our local clinics and you’ll leave in about an hour with a better understanding of your baby’s situation, including a recommendation to treat with the DOC Band® or not, and a detailed report from our sophisticated, patented DSI® imaging equipment to discuss with your pediatrician. Here’s what you can expect during your first visit to Cranial Technologies:

  • No referral or prescription is needed and there’s no cost to you
  • Individualized attention from our highly experienced and knowledgeable clinicians
  • Comprehensive head shape and developmental assessment
  • 3D computer image of your baby’s head shape, captured instantaneously with our state-of-the-art DSi system
  • DSi analysis report detailing the severity of your baby’s head shape
  • If DOC Band treatment is recommended, a follow-up call to help you understand your insurance coverage and payment options.

A free evaluation at Cranial Technologies:


What is Digital Surface Imaging (DSi) system?

Digital Surface Imaging (DSi) is a state-of-the-art imaging system developed by Cranial Technologies specifically for infants with plagiocephaly. This advanced system captures a highly accurate 3D image of your baby’s head shape.

  • DSiCaptures 360° image of your baby’s head in 1/180th of a second
  • Only technology developed specifically for evaluating cases of plagiocephaly
  • Uses 15 high-resolution cameras, rather than X-rays or lasers
  • Poses no safety risk to baby
  • Accurate to within 0.25 millimeter, ¼ the width of a credit card

Safety was our primary consideration in designing the DSi system. Rather than using X-rays or lasers, our system relies on high-resolution digital cameras, which are inherently safe. This system allows mom or dad to hold their baby while a 360° image is captured in just a fraction of a second.



Capturing images with the DSi Imaging System:


To be absolutely certain our technology was the safest on the market, we commissioned an independent study by two of the country’s leading optical safety experts: Dr. David Sliney and Dr. Myron Wolbarsht. The study found that the DSi system was inherently safe and presented no greater hazard than an ordinary camera flash. 

Questions to ask during your evaluation:

At Cranial Technologies, we’ve dedicated nearly 35 years to treating approximately 175,000 infants with plagiocephaly. While we hope you’ll visit us for a free evaluation at one of our treatment centers, below we’ve provided a list of questions we’d encourage you to ask wherever you go to seek treatment for your baby:

  • What is your experience working with babies? How long have you been treating babies with plagiocephaly? 
  • How many babies with plagiocephaly have you treated?
  • How much asymmetry does my baby have? How does this compare to normal?
  • What are my baby’s specific measurements?
  • What kind of helmet does your clinic use?
  • Is the helmet an active or passive design? Can you explain the difference?
  • How often will adjustments be made to the helmet?
  • What if I have questions after my initial appointment? How can I reach someone for answers? 
  • Can you show me examples of outcome photos?
  • What should I do if my pediatrician doesn’t support my desire to treat my baby?
  • How do I determine if my insurance will cover the cost of the helmet? Does your company help with this process?

Scheduling your first visit

Caring for your baby begins with your first visit to Cranial Technologies. Click to schedule a free evaluation at the treatment center nearest you.

Or learn more  about what makes Cranial Technologies the leading provider for families seeking plagiocephaly care.