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An important goal of Cranial Technologies has always been to provide the most up-to-date plagiocephaly education and treatment information. We are motivated to help families make a well-informed decision and better understand the treatment process.

We provide many educational resources and research provided to help families understand plagiocephaly and the benefits of treatment with the DOC Band.

Understanding Plagiocephaly

Understanding Your Baby's Head Shape

An easy-to-follow guide that helps parents better understand their baby's head shape and check for any signs of plagiocephaly.

You're Not Alone — A Parent's Guide to Plagiocephaly

A parent's guide to understanding plagiocephaly and the care experience at Cranial Technologies.

What is Plagiocephaly?

This brochure gives in-depth information regarding common forms of plagiocephaly, their causes and specific characteristics associated with each head shape.

The Treatment Process

The DOC Experience®

Comprehensive care, easy to manage, exceptional results, and happy families.

How to do Tummy Time

Understanding the importance of tummy time.

Study Summary: Plagiocephaly Does Not Go Away On Its Own

Does plagiocephaly go away on its own?

What is Digital Surface Imaging® (DSi) Technology?

Digital Surface Imaging® is the only technology developed solely for plagiocephaly. Learn more about our use of 3D imaging and how it allows the treatment process to evolve.

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