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What to expect for your first visit

During your first clinical visit, you and your baby will spend thirty minutes with a clinician reaching a better understanding of your baby’s situation.

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Providing the information you need to make an informed choice

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You and your baby will meet with one of our highly trained plagiocephaly experts to assess their condition.

Using our DSi® technology, we'll capture accurate 3D images of your baby's head shape to create a report.


You'll receive a report detailing the severity of your baby's condition and if treatment is recommended or not.

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What is Digital Surface Imaging®?

No x-rays, no radiation, no lasers — just a photo! 😊

What is Digital Surface Imaging®?

Digital Surface Imaging (DSi) is the basis for successful plagiocephaly treatment. It works by capturing accurate images of your baby's head which are then transformed into 3D renders that help determine the severity of their condition.

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What information comes with the DSi® report?

What information comes with the DSi® report?

The DSi report is an invaluable tool that helps us determine if your baby is a candidate for DOC Band® treatment. Your detailed report includes 3D renders of your baby's head shape along with measurements of both the symmetry and proportionality of their head.

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Is the first visit free?


Our initial head shape evaluations and imaging are 100% free and requires zero commitment for treatment. We will never include any hidden fees. Our goal is to provide parents with the information they need to make an informed decision about treatment.

Does my baby have to be a certain age?

While the optimal time to begin treatment is between 4 and 6 months of age, we can treat children anywhere from 3-18 months.

However, since treatment relies on natural head growth, children 2 years of age or older cannot be treated.

How do I find the clinic nearest to me?

With over 90 locations throughout the US, so you can find treatment close to home.

To find our clinic locations you can either:

  • Filter and select your clinic location while you schedule your evaluation
  • Search for clinic locations using our Clinic Locator
Can I stay with my baby during the evaluation?

Yes, you'll be able to stay with your child during your evaluation.