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What to expect for your first visit

Your free head shape consultation is right around the corner — here's everything you need to know before heading in for your appointment.

How the free head shape consultation works

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Initial assessment

After you check in at the front desk, you'll meet with your licensed clinician for the initial head shape evaluation.

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Head shape imaging

Next, we'll capture detailed images of your baby's head that help determine the severity of their condition.

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Your recommendation

Lastly, you'll receive a report detailing your baby's condition and if treatment is recommended or not at the time.

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You're not alone

Your baby's head shape is not your fault. Today, as many as 1 in 2 babies are estimated to have some degree of plagiocephaly. What's important is that you're taking action early.

The key to accurate head shape assessments

Digital surface imaging technology for infant head shape assessments

The key to accurate head shape assessments

Digital Surface Imaging (DSi)® captures highly-detailed, accurate images of your baby's head and is the basis for our unique approach to plagiocephaly treatment.

  • green checkmarkNo x-rays or lasers, just a photo!
  • green checkmarkHelps determine the severity of your baby's condition
  • green checkmark3D images are used to design and manufacture the perfect custom-fitted band
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Is the first visit free?

Yes, the head shape consultation is 100% free and we never require a commitment to treatment afterwards.

Our goal is to give parents a better understanding of their baby's condition and provide a recommendation on the best course of treatment based on individual needs.

Does my baby have to be a certain age?

While the optimal time to begin treatment is between 4 and 6 months of age, we can treat children anywhere from 3-18 months.

However, since treatment relies on natural head growth, children 2 years of age or older cannot be treated.

How do I find the clinic nearest to me?

We're proud to offer 100+ convenient clinic locations throughout the United States.

Our clinic finder will help you find the location nearest you.

Can I stay with my baby during the evaluation?

Yes, you'll be able to stay with your child during your evaluation and play a role in it as well.

Families will have the opportunity to ask questions, hold their baby during the imaging process, and learn about conservative measures for flat spot prevention during the consultation.

How long will the consultation take?

On average, the initial head shape evaluations will take 30 minutes to complete. When scheduling online, you're able to choose the time, date, and location that best suits your needs.

Will I have to make a decision about treatment at the consultation appointment?

No, you will not be required to make an immediate decision regarding treatment. Your decision is important, and will always be a personal one. Our DOC Band cranial helmet is a medically-necessary device and requires a prescription.

The consultation appointment provides families with information which you can discuss with your pediatrician, and then make a decision whether or not to go forward with treatment.