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Interested in Reshaping Children’s Lives – We Want You On Our Team!

At Cranial Technologies, we’ve always dedicated ourselves to giving families a different kind of medical experience and creating a culture where employees enjoy coming to work. We’re an innovative, team-oriented company looking for people who share our passion for providing the very best care for babies every day—people who would embrace a unique opportunity to make a visible, lasting difference for each baby they touch.

What we do!

We help babies! Founded in 1986, Cranial Technologies is the only company in the world solely dedicated to treating infants with plagiocephaly, a condition where a baby develops a flat spot on the head. The condition affects nearly one in two infants today (47%), with experts recommending that one in every ten babies be evaluated for treatment. To date, we’ve reshaped the lives of approximately 175,000 babies using our proven safe and effective DOC Band®.

The DOC Band is the only custom cranial molding helmet supported by more than 30 years of documented results. From our clinics to our manufacturing facility to our corporate office, all of us at Cranial Technologies are committed to ensuring our product is the best available on the market and that we deliver the best possible outcome for every baby we treat.

Where We’re Located

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, we have over 35 clinic locations throughout the US . Our headquarters is home to our Manufacturing and Corporate teams (including Marketing, Research & Development, Finance, Client & Intake Specialists, Insurance Managers, Information Technology and Human Resources), while our Clinic teams include Clinicians, Baby Imaging Specialists and Sales Representatives in each market.


DOC Band treatment takes place in our clinics, where our clinical staff is directly involved in caring for babies and families. The process starts with a Baby Imaging Specialist taking a 3D image of a baby’s head using our sophisticated, patented Digital Surface Image (DSi®) technology. The image is then reviewed with parents by a Clinician, who conducts an overall head shape evaluation and determines whether or not the baby is a candidate for DOC Band treatment. If the family pursues treatment, the Clinician will see the baby every one to two weeks, at which times the Clinician will evaluate progress and adjust the baby’s helmet as needed to accommodate head growth. Each baby will also have images taken at least two more times by the Baby Imaging Specialist before they graduate from the band.

Meet some of our clinic team members!


Our Marketing, Sales, Intake and Client Specialist teams work to educate and create interest among parents through programs that target medical professionals (such as pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, physical therapists and their office staff), as well as programs aimed at parents directly. When a medical professional refers a patient to us for evaluation and treatment, or when a parent calls us after researching us online, our Intake Coordinators speak with the family to set up an appointment with a Clinician.

Meet some of our corporate team members!

Manufacturing and Research & Development

We own a number of patents on our product, processes, and imaging and manufacturing equipment that allow us to produce the best-fitting cranial molding helmet on the market, custom made for each baby. Our Manufacturing and Research & Development teams are at the forefront of DOC Band creation and are continuously innovating our tools and processes in an effort to deliver even better outcomes for our babies!

Meet some of our manufacturing team members!


Corporate Staff

Cranial Technologies is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. This is home to a variety of our creative and technical teams, including marketing, R&D, patient liaison/insurance, finance, HR and IT. Although these departments aren’t involved in direct patient care, their passion for what we do is as strong as our clinic staff. The Tempe teams often interact with the clinics and share a corporate focus and dedication to the treatment of plagiocephaly; working together to ensure  the highest quality of care to our patients.

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Meet Sandy


How long have you worked at Cranial Tech?
I have worked at Cranial Technologies for 19 years; before joining Cranial Tech I worked in a pediatrician office. I was very drawn to the company because I wanted to continue to work with children, and this job offered me a new opportunity in a growing company.   

What is your role with the company?
I manage the Insurance Authorizations Department which involves negotiating and contracting coverage with insurance carriers. In my department there are 10 patient liaisons who make up our authorization team, this team is responsible for making sure the insurance process is as seamless as possible for our parents.  I also manage all customer service concerns and review our monthly patient surveys to ensure we are providing the best customer care possible. 

What do I like most about the company? 
I love that we put customer service and quality first.  I could not work for a company that did not stand for these values.  Additionally, I love that we are always trying to improve our product and our treatment process. We have grown so much over the past 19 years; and as a result my job has been both challenging and exciting.

Is there anything about your job that surprised you?
I was originally hired in the manufacturing department and I was surprised at how difficult the manufacturing process is, and how many people are involved in creating each custom DOC Band. 


Clinicians and Clinic Staff

With opportunities available across the country, Cranial Tech is always looking for special people to join our clinic team in a variety of capacities.


Clinicians at Cranial Technologies see patients during their evaluation appointments to determine if treatment is recommended, and oversee the entire DOC Band treatment process. Our clinicians come from physical and occupational therapy, nursing and orthotic backgrounds, and have an opportunity to work in a unique pediatric environment.

Since a high percentage of Cranial Tech’s patients have some sort of neck involvement, having therapists in our clinics better prepares us to work with patients who present with torticollis. Overall, we are looking for qualified individuals who want to make a difference in babies’ lives and develop skills in a niche, pediatric field.

As a Cranial Tech clinician, you’ll have:

  • Extensive clinical training program
  • Comfortable clinic environment where collaboration is encouraged
  • No nights or weekends and minimal paperwork
  • Participation with physician education
  • Visible treatment changes in a child’s life in only a few weeks


Meet Lisa

lisahendricksI worked in long-term care for two years prior to working with Cranial Tech. I was very burned out with long-term care and tired of not seeing many results with the patients I was treating. I answered an ad in the newspaper and spent time observing the Cranial Tech clinic. I was instantly intrigued and amazed with the office as a whole.



Meet Joanne

joannebrockI had been practicing as an occupational therapist for three years in various settings and felt like I couldn’t really find my niche. I also felt like my hard work and dedication was not properly being compensated on a financial and professional level. When I started working for Cranial Tech, I soon discovered the work I was doing was the niche I was looking for. I was immediately impressed with how this company is so willing to invest in their employees and how they value the hard work of their teams.


Meet Ginny

ginnyogradyI have been a physical therapist for over 25 years. Early in my career, I worked in various settings (acute care hospital, outpatient clinics, home health, EI facility) doing a little bit of everything. 12 years ago, I was looking to return to work. I felt that the available job positions at the time were the “same old, same old”. Then I found an interesting ad for a position at Cranial Tech that piqued my curiosity. When I went to the Cranial Tech website, I knew I had stumbled upon something out of the ordinary!



Clinic staff

Cranial Tech clinics take several levels of support to operate smoothly on a daily basis. Each person at a Cranial Tech clinic plays a critical role in the patient treatment process, from being the friendly face at check-in, the baby imaging specialist who just has a knack for interacting with kids, to the managing clinician who oversees the staff and treats patients. Each clinic also has a clinical representative who serves as a plagiocephaly awareness educator for the medical community in their clinic’s territory.

Even though the clinics can become busy places throughout the day, everyone shares the workload, while still having their own unique roles to accomplish.

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Our manufacturing team in Tempe, Arizona is comprised of a highly talented group of individuals with both technical (engineering, computer design, machining) and craftsman (sculpture, iron works, fine arts) back grounds. Unlike other orthotic companies, Cranial Tech’s manufacturing center only makes the DOC Band, it is our sole focus.

cranial helmet manufacturing process

Because each DOC Band is unique, the production process involves the highest degree of communication among staff members. From the clinic staff to the shipping department, everyone is aligned to ensure your baby receives the best treatment possible.

Manufacturing becomes part of the treatment process beginning with the imaging process that happens in the clinic. As soon as the image of a child’s head is acquired, it goes directly to our Digital Technologies team who prep the image for the process of constructing each unique DOC Band.

The production process begins with our Milling team who use aerospace-precision milling machines to create an accurate physical representation of each head shape. From there, the materials that construct the DOC Band are put together using a vacuum forming technique. Our Trimline group is our finishing department where the final touches are put on each DOC Band.

Open positions


Meet Paul


What caught your attention about Cranial Technologies during your job search?
Having an educational background in computers and previous manufacturing experience, I was looking for a career that offered new challenges and a positive environment. After visiting Cranial Tech’s web site I became intrigued by what the company does, and applied for a job. Since joining the team,  I have found Cranial Tech to be an extremely friendly work environment with constant challenges and recognition for taking on those challenges.

How long have you worked at Cranial Tech?
I have worked for Cranial Technologies for 8 years.

What does your job entail?
In the Trimline department, we are responsible for generating the draw lines and cut lines on a plastic model of a patient’s head using various proprietary programs developed by Cranial Tech. There are several steps to this process and the outcome is creating individualized DOC Bands appropriate for treating each patient’s head shape.   

What do you like most about the company?
I like the friendly people, the daily challenges that arise and the satisfaction of knowing that a child’s life is enriched by what we do for them. I also appreciate the constant mental stimulation I get from speaking and working with the diverse people working at Cranial Tech. 

Is there anything about your job that surprised you?
One of the things that I was surprised by was the amount of work and people it takes to create a DOC band. We treat every DOC Band with absolute care and attention, we want to make sure each family has the best possible treatment experience!