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Intellectual Property

Cranial Technologies has made significant investments over the years to ensure top-notch patient care. This includes the development of many proprietary products and processes (i.e., manufacturing, clinical, reporting) which are protected by over 34 patents, with additional patents pending. Cranial Technologies acknowledges and respects the intellectual property rights of others, and likewise expects others to respect Cranial Technologies’ intellectual property, including its trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

A comprehensive list of patents owned by Cranial Technologies include: 7,127,101; 7,142,701; 7,162,075; 7,177,461; 7,305,369; 7,542,950; 8,103,088; 8,217,933; 8,442,288; 8,442,308; 8,472,686; 8,494,237; 8,616,795; 8,721,944; 8,787,657; 8,867,804; 9,183,630; 9,214,020; 9,592,124; 9,727,040; 9,738,036; 9,743,068; 9,987,801; 10,166,716; 10,463,525; 10,561,521; 10,603,203; 10,682,846; 10,726,617; 10,710,356; 10,703,084; 10,846,925; 11,357,655; 11,625,901.

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