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Our highly-trained clinical representatives are the best resource for all of your questions regarding research and educational materials. We also have many materials that can provide your patients with additional information while they decide whether to pursue treatment with the DOC Band®.

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"While prevention of positional plagiocephaly should be the main focus, cranial orthotic therapy, for the appropriately selected patient with high-moderate to severe positional plagiocephaly, does remain an effective tool in normalizing head shape and should remain as part of the therapeutic algorithm in the decision-making process when managing affected infants."

Chad Perlyn, MD, Plastic Surgery, Nicklaus Children's Hospital

"The interplay of form and function is recognized throughout nature.  This principle could not be more true than in the relationship between the human skull and face. The development of ideal skull and facial skeletal form is critical for the function of the brain, vision, airway, mastication, and speech.  When craniofacial structure is altered, proper functioning is drastically affected.”

Stephen P. Beals, MD, Plastic Surgery, Barrow Neurological

"Since 1996 I have been involved with cranial orthotics. I saw a paper on cranial orthotics presented in 1992 in Chicago and saw cranial base asymmetry corrected non-surgically. Why do we use the cranial band? I use it to correct cranial base asymmetry. This occurs by positional deformation and torticollis and causes the petrous wing to move forward with genoid fossa on the affected side. This results in a facial asymmetry that does not correct with time. When the right type of cranial band is used the cranial base can correct. The only cranial orthotic that I've seen correcting the cranial base is the DOC band."

David C. Matthews, MD, Plastic Surgery, Atrium Health

"The University of Texas Cleft and Craniofacial team has experience using molding bands, or helmets, for over 16 years. Our experience and research show that in our hands, helmets are an effective tool in the treatment of positional plagiocephaly. As there are many other reasons for abnormalities in head shapes, including craniosynostosis, we still recommend a full evaluation by a trained clinician for all infants with concern for head shape."

John F. Teichgraeber, MD, University of Texas Medical School