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For over 35 years, we've been dedicated to reshaping childrens' lives with plagiocephaly treatment that's safe, effective, and backed by clinical research.

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We're dedicated to reshaping childrens' lives®

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We're proud to offer 90+ clinics nationwide so that any of our families can access treatment, and always feel close to home.

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Understanding Plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly, also known as "flat head syndrome," is a condition where a baby develops a flat spot on the back of their head.

Plagiocephaly 101

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Our Treatment Process

To date, over 300,000 babies have been treated for plagiocephaly using the DOC Band. Learn more about our treatment process.

About the DOC Band®

You are not alone

It's estimated that nearly 1 in 2 babies have some degree of plagiocephaly. The good news is, it's treatable.

A simple, safe, and effective process

Our Treatment Process

1. Free Head Shape Evaluation

Schedule a free evaluation at a Cranial Technologies clinic of your choice and visit with one of our highly trained plagiocephaly experts.


2. Decide if treatment is right for you

If it's determined that your baby is a good candidate for DOC Band® treatment, you choose how to proceed.

3. Begin Treatment with DOC Band®

Taking action early leads to better results. If you proceed with treatment, a custom DOC Band® is made for your baby.

Leaders in plagiocephaly treatment and research for over 35 years

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Leaders in plagiocephaly treatment and research for over 35 years

Learn more about our history dedicating decades of research and development into providing the leading solution for plagiocephaly treatment.

Our Story
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Support from one family to another

Support from one family to another

Often times the best support system is from those going through the same experiences. Our online DOC Band parent community is a great resource for advice from parents who are going, or have gone through the treatment process with their little ones.

Resources for Parents

Stories of round heads and happy hearts

Great experience with Cranial Technologies! Our son wore two helmets for almost 5 months. Today he “graduated” and his head shape has shown so much improvement. Its pretty amazing. We are very happy with our decision of having him wear a Doc Band. The staff at Cranial Tech in Phoenix and Mesa AZ were always super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend the Doc Band and Cranial Technologies if your child has a head deformity. They will thank us when they’re older!

Andrea Tucker, Parent

Best decision we could have made for our daughter. The results were amazing and we couldn’t be happier. She will grow up and not be self conscious about her head thanks to Cranial Technologies. She wore her DOC Band for a total of 12 weeks and it has done wonders. The team in Phoenix, AZ is amazing. Thank you for everything.

Dee Olivia, Parent

My experience was amazing and life changing! As a Mom, I saw an irregularity with the shape of my child’s head when many said he would outgrow it. I pushed and succeeded….the results amazing!!! The same result would not have been achieved without Cranial Technologies. I also drove 2.5 hours one way for their professional consultations. It is LIFE changing! My favorite picture of my oldest child is in his helmet!!!

Amy Morris Burchett, Parent

They are amazing! Honest and up front about everything in the process. Got us booked quickly if we needed to come in for something and my sons head looks great. We live far but it was 100% worth the drive to get there. I tell everyone that if they were a pediatricians office we’d continue to go because we loved the staff that much. Thank you for everything!

Ashleah F., Parent

Know before you go

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What to Expect

What to expect during the free head shape evaluation.

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A Customized Solution

Learn more about the DOC Band and how its design helps to reshape your baby's head.

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How Insurance Works

Is DOC Band® treatment covered by insurance? All of your questions answered here.

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