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Concerned about your baby's head shape?

Our evaluations provide families with the information needed to make an informed choice about plagiocephaly treatment, with no cost or commitment.

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Get a head start on flat spot treatment

Baby in stockinette for Digital Surface Imaging

1. Schedule a Free Evaluation

Our initial head shape evaluations are done at no cost to you and will never require a commitment to treatment.

2. Decide if treatment is right

Since the DOC Band® is a medically-necessary device, we aim to provide parents with the information needed to make an informed choice.

Baby boy in a doc band with his mother

3. Begin DOC Band® treatment

We'll schedule a custom fit appointment and a DOC Band will be made specifically for your baby's unique head shape.

Backed by over 35 years of research and results

Backed by over 35 years of research and results

The DOC Band® was the first cranial orthotic cleared by the FDA for the treatment of plagiocephaly. Today, it continues to be the leading choice for parents when it comes to helmet therapy.

Treatment with the DOC Band
Reshaping lives

"Best decision we could have made for our daughter. The results were amazing and we couldn’t be happier."

— Dee Olivia, Parent

Unique heads require unique solutions

Digital surface imaging technology for infant head shape assessments

Unique heads require unique solutions

Digital Surface Imaging® (DSi) is a quick, laser-free way for us to look for any head shape deformities, even those not visible to the naked eye. These accurate 3D renderings also assist in creating a DOC Band customized to your baby's treatment needs.

Our Treatment Process

Stories of round heads and happy hearts

"The staff at Cranial Tech in Phoenix and Mesa AZ were always super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend the Doc Band and Cranial Technologies if your child has a head deformity."
Andrea Tucker, Parent
"Best decision we could have made for our daughter. The results were amazing and we couldn’t be happier...Thank you for everything."
Dee Olivia, Parent
"As a Mom, I saw an irregularity with the shape of my child’s head when many said he would outgrow it. I pushed and succeeded….the results amazing!"
Amy Morris Burchett, Parent
"They are amazing! Honest and up front about everything in the process. Got us booked quickly if we needed to come in for something and my sons head looks great."
Ashleah F., Parent


What can I expect during my visit?

We will take 3D digital photos and measurements of your child’s head shape, then you will meet with one of our highly trained clinicians who will review the results with you and let you know if treatment is recommended. The clinician may also recommend some conservative measures for you to try at home to improve your child’s head shape and/or treatment outcomes.

Is there a cost for the evaluation?

Our head shape assessments are always provided at no cost to you! There is no payment or copay required.

How long will the evaluation take?

Your appointment will take no longer than 30 minutes, on average.

Will I have to make a decision about treatment at the evaluation appointment?

Your treatment decision is important, and will always be a personal one. Our DOC Band cranial helmet is a medically-necessary device and requires a prescription. The evaluation appointment provides families with information which you can discuss with your pediatrician, and then make a treatment decision which is right for your child.