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The DOC Band® is the only cranial orthotic available that's backed by clinical research and proven results. Learn more about how we've refined the treatment process.

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Plagiocephaly Treatment

More information about the DOC Band®, our treatment process, and more.

The DOC Band®

Learn about the DOC Band and how it's helped reshape the lives of over 300,000 babies and counting.

Our Treatment Process

What to expect during the treatment process from your initial free evaluation all the way through graduation.

Your First Visit

How to schedule a free head shape evaluation and what to expect during your first visit.

Preventative Techniques

How supervised tummy time and gentle repositioning can help improve mild cases of plagiocephaly — prevent flat spots altogether.

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Frequently asked questions about treatment

How can I schedule a free evaluation?

You can schedule a free evaluation online or by calling (844) 447-5894.

Why does treatment vary depending on the age of the child?

The earlier treatment begins, the quicker the result can be achieved. The DOC Band relies on natural brain growth, which is rapid during the first 6 months of life, steady from six to 18 months, then slows through 24 months of age. The more severe the condition, regardless of age, the longer it will take to correct the shape of the head.

Starting treatment earlier between the ages of 4 and 6 months, a period of rapid head growth, has been shown to reduce overall treatment time. Though, noticeable improvement can be achieved using the band between three and 18 months of age.

Can you treat multiple babies at the same time?

Yes, twins (or multiples) can both be treated simultaneously. In fact, twins tend to have a higher risk of plagiocephaly due to restricted space in the womb.