The DOC Band

Children in Doc Bands

How Does The DOC Band Work?

DOC Band® helmet therapy applies custom corrective pressure to redirect your baby’s natural head growth into a normal head shape. The band is worn 23 hours a day and can achieve visible improvement to the shape of your baby’s head in as little as two weeks. Our clinicians will make regular adjustments to the band to direct head growth and keep your baby on track for optimal results.

How Is The DOC Band Different From Other Cranial Helmets?

DOC Band® explained
  • The DOC Band is the first ever FDA-cleared cranial orthotic for the treatment of plagiocephaly.
  • The DOC Band is the only device with clinical studies proving its safety and efficacy.
  • The DOC Band is the only product proven to correct both cranial vault (upper head) and skull base (ear and face) alignment.
  • Our exclusive, patented computer program calculates the proper corrective forces and optimal growth for your baby’s band.
  • Unlike passive therapy devices, the DOC Band applies active corrective pressure to redirect growth and reshape your baby’s head, often leading to visible improvement in the first two weeks!

How Long Will My Baby Have To Wear The Band?

How long treatment lasts will depend on your baby’s age and the severity of the condition. Starting treatment between the ages of 4 and 6 months (a period of rapid head growth) has been shown to reduce overall treatment time, though noticeable improvement can be achieved using the band up to 18 months of age. Most treatment times are between 6 to 16 weeks.

In some cases, a baby would benefit from a second band. In practice, we find that approximately 15% of babies continue treatment with a second band. For babies getting a second band, the overall treatment time is extended by 6 to 16 weeks.

How Will My Baby Adjust To Wearing The DOC Band?

The DOC Band is lightweight and custom-fit, resulting in little to no adjustment period for most babies. Each baby is different and it’s important that parents allow their child to grow accustomed to the band, even if they are fussy at first.

State-Of-The-Art Design And Manufacturing

The DOC Band is custom manufactured by our team made up of highly talented individuals with both technical (engineering, computer design, machining) and artisan (sculpture, ironwork, fine arts) backgrounds. During the manufacturing process, no less than nine team members will be directly involved in creating your baby’s band.

Unlike other orthotic companies, our manufacturing center is dedicated to producing one product: the DOC Band cranial helmet. Our Research and Development team is continually refining it. Our entire process is governed by an FDA-compliant quality system:

  • Our advanced Digital Surface Imaging® system captures highly accurate 3D images that are used to create a custom, precision-fit band.
  • Our Sentient3D® software application was developed based on tens of thousands of plagiocephaly cases. The application calculates the proper corrective forces and unique product design that each baby requires for optimal results.
  • Each DOC Band undergoes a rigorous 28-point quality inspection before leaving our manufacturing facility.